The quality of our product starts in the fields. The baby plant will be transplanted from the nurseries to the field, previously prepared, and, at the same time, the irrigation system is installed. The system used is the drip irrigation where only the roots are irrigated.

This has utmost important as it guarantees not only an effective irrigation but also: Water saving - by irrigating only the plant the volume of water needed is much lower than other systems and much for effective. Energy saving Fertile-irrigation - the fertiliser distribution will be done through the irrigation system, providing considerable reductions in the amount of fertiliser used.

Tomatoes will take between 110/120 days in the fields until they are ready to be harvested and processed. Crop has to be followed up on a daily basis. Sugalidal agronomist department will provide all technical support needed

The C.P.A.P. - crop protection application program – manages the fertilizers and treatments used to control weeds, pests and diseases. Sugal Group has a list of active substances allowed for the tomato crop