We are responsible for a few hundreds of jobs- directly and indirectly. Our industry depends on the work of many people from the seeds business to the nurseries, from the fields where the tomatoes grows till the factory where the fresh tomatoes are processed.

Directly, Sugal Group is composed by a team of 450 people with additional 2000 temporary workers that join us during the crop on our plants Indirectly, many people in the regions where our factories are located work in the/ or related to the agricultural sector producing or providing related services.

For the sustainability of our company and the communities where we work for more than 50 years, we invest on the people, because for us, the welfare of our team, their families and the communities where we are integrated it´s a guarantee for the motivation of our team and guarantee for the success of the company for the future.


At Sugal Group we are focused on the economic sustainability of our business. We work to offer our customers the best quality at the best possible price.

We want to provide that guarantee today and in the future in a sustainable framework for all actors involved, since shareholders, workers and our business partners.

1st company in the sector to implement carbon management initiative

Implemented already in 2005 fuel emissions monitoring program. Reporting carbon emission results in the “Carbon Disclosure Project ISO 14001 certified.

Monitoring Measuring carbon emission since 2010 Moved from fuel to natural gas in 2011 Optimize usage of energy & water Residues & waste treatment Technologies (gravitational and drip irrigation) to optimal usage of soil & water Crop protection policies - nutrients and biodiversity preservation.

Unilever sustainable partner Sugal Chile implemented from 2010 to 2013 actions to promote reduction of water comsumption, optimal usage of fertilizers, reduce fuel and carbon emissions that lead to the certification by Unilever in 2013.  

Sugal Group processes around 500 million kg of fresh tomatoes. To produce this volume of fresh tomatoes is needed more than 6.000 hectares of land. The group promotes together with its agronomic partners, sustainable farming practices and social responsibility.

SOIL is fundamental for farming.

A sustainable and responsible attitude will not only improve the actual crop but also and mainly future crops and productions. The effective nutrient replacement can guarantee the maintenance of the organic level. The correct use of fertilisers and treatments can guarantee the success of culture without sacrificing the soil.

Water source of life

Water is a very scarce source. Tomato crop demands constant irrigation. The irrigation system used must guaranty all the water needed for a healthy growth of the plant and fresh tomatoes, avoiding wastes. In Sugal Group we use 100% drip irrigation-by using this method we save up to 40% water while compared with traditional methods. In the plant facilities – to unload the tomatoes and to get them inside the factory and to wash them – we need water – this water is in permanent recycle and it reused after dully treated in our W.W.T.S. -waste water treatment station. Safe today to be able to guarantee it for tomorrow!


Energy is a key point in our industry- in the field for the machine and in the factory to keep it running. We have a permanent concern on energy saving. This way we have equipped our factories promoting: Friendly Energy usage - Efficiency - Usage of renewable sources of energy as natural gas.

Carbon Footprint

Reducing emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), such as CO2, is one of our objectives. In this sense we have invested in reducing energy consumption and the use of fuels with a lower carbon content (as natural gas).


Our packaging is environmental friendly and we promote its re-usage and recycle.


Our agricultural and industrial footprint is done in order to maintain biodiversity in the plantation and surrounding areas.