In Benavente factory (Portugal) we produce foodservice (between 2 to 5 kg) and retail (up to 1kg) formats in a wide variety of products based on tomato: ketchups, pulps, juices, chili sauce, sauces; being constantly investing in the improvement of production capacity in order to ensure maximum quality of the final product and to bring new products and packaging alternatives to our partners allowing them to meet the more efficiently solution to our customers..

With 5 production lines currently available we can pack various products in glass (300ml to 1000ml), PET and PP plastic (250ml to 900ml), tetrapak (200ml, 330ml and 500ml) and Cryovac pouches (2L to 5L). With a yearly capacity of 50,000 tons products food service / retail supply our partners in Portugal and abroad tomato products based on tomato concentrates produced by Sugal Group, giving all the guarantees of origin in the main raw material products.

The high knowledge of the entire production process allows us the complete adaptation at the different types of concentrate to the needs of the end product, always finding new solutions for each customer needs without including on our formulations coulouringg or preserving agents.

Each of our partners have specific requisites for their projects, so the department R & D plays since beginning of the process a key role, together with the marketing / development teams, always seeking to come up with products that add value to the customer.

Sugal Group has a strong concern with the final product quality and the impact that it can have on our partners, this concern is reflected in the use of strict criteria in validating suppliers (via possession of recognized certifications - BRC IFS - and / or conducting audits) and ingredients as well as validating the receipt of each order in accordance with the specification.