In Sugal Group we concentrate tomato products investing more and more in quality, food safety, traceability and sustainability. For over 50 years of experience, we still believe that it's worthwhile to invest in the: tomatoes produced in our region; know how of our team; efficient technology.

Our production begins, therefore, with the TOMATO! The tomato processed in Sugal Group is produced in regions near to our plants. – First, the seeds are selected and germinated in the nurseries. Baby plants are transplanted to the fields where they will grow to become fruit. In the field, our agricultural team is giving farmer´s the technical support needed, pursuing a good application program and guarantying that the good agricultural practices promoted by the company are in place .

Crop records are registered on the “field book": Identification of the farmer, soil, tomato variety and nursery; Crop history: transplanting, application program records and harvest; Audits. Tomato will grow in the fields until it's totally ripped and ready to be harvested and delivered into the factory.

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