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Since 1990´s Sugal Group started to invest on the a traceability system that could guarantee the origin of the product.

This system has been continuously updated and currently with the traceability system implemented we can trace all the process from the seed, field (farmer, crop application program) as well as all parameters that can affect the safety and quality of our products through all the process chain to finished product and distribution.

The traceability system developed by Sugal Group identifies by the batch number inserted on each product all history covering each and every ingredient and packaging material.

Since January 2007 it is mandatory traceability for food products, however, for us, that fact is a reality since the 90s, however, go further because aside from lots of tomatoes we use, we can also indentificar from seed used, to the field, its agricultural producer, treatments performed and all parameters that influence the safety and quality of our products throughout the transformation process.

The system implemented traceability allows, through the identification number of the lot that is written on the packaging of our products, we can tell the whole story of its production covering all ingredients and packaging materials.

Thus, our traceability system covers the entire chain from seed to tomato, distribution of the finished product and tests with our customers and partners at least 2 times a year.