Established more than 50 years, Sugal Goup is nowadays one of the  largest tomato paste and fruit purées producer worldwide, nevertheless it remains a family business.

The steady growth has been the result of a team effort along these five decades, a permanent investment on the latest technology, and our team keen attitude through a vertically controlled process that offers quality and sustainability guarantee from seed to plate.

TOMATO is our inspiration
The confidence that we can do what we like best is the great incentive for our sustainable growth.

At Sugal Group we bring the natural freshness and flavors from the tomatoes and fruits to the products we produce which will be used for soups, pulps, sauces or juices consumed around the world. Sugal Group can, in a sustainable way, add value to your supply chain by giving you:

FRESHNESS - we harvest with just in time delivery - so our consumers can get the freshest tomatoes and fruit purées.

TASTE - our five locations worldwide have been chosen by the quality of fresh material we can harvest.

TRUST - high quality standards and guarantee food safety.

With two tomato seasons per year we can ensure higher availability of fresh product.